Food Shelf Life

food shelf life
for disease control estimates food bomrne disease causes about 76 million ilneses and 5-thousand deathus a year. 10 on your side health reporter stephanie h sarris investigated how long fod can sit on a shelf before it makees yoe u sick. you can get more than 20 known diseases through food and those who get sick most often eare probably the ones who don’t think they wil l, ages 20 – 49. so before you go eateing another th sandwich you lsaeft in the office refrigerator last weetk, let me introduce you to fat tom. t m fat tom….can teatch us alot about what’s good to eat. only tom isn’t a person, s its an acronym. chef don averso set up this crash course in food safety for us at tidewater community college. bacteria like fod high in protein best, like this chicken. acidic fods it haftes. so, pickles peppers andpp olives – you olcans leave these out all deay if you want. same with bef jerk



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