Food Pyramid

A healthy life style is important. We have good ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
>>> okay. maybe it is not a new splash. you have to see your family. nutritionally you want to make sure you are getting the most out of the meal. >>> dietary guidelines seem to change a lot. here to make sense of everything registered dietician and author elisa zied. you keep a close eye on headlines and what are the significant recent changes. >> the new dietary guidelines emphasize portion control and reduce portion size examines we tend to overdo it on a lot of things including more fruits and vegetables in our diet and boost fiber intake and reduce the sodium intake. those are realy the heart of the new dietary guidelines. >> can you talk about the labels? for a lot of us if we are on the resolution thing that’s just a serving, but it is true when you read the labels you realize how out of control portions are and how big of a difference makes day after day when you implement change



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