Food Prices On The Rise?

Some local food insiders believe food prices are going up.
(amy) it seems that uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain in this economy. (cynthia) trying to predict food prices is always tricky — now some say the change ahead won’t be a good one. john batten asked industry insiders what they expect to see and what we can do about it. 3 nats”come on’glen bonar knows his cows… and they know him. nats”moo”not surprising after more than half a century of farming experience. and he sees some changes on the horizon for food prices.glen bonarfarmer”some of it’s going to be quite soon. right now there’s a glut of hogs, the pork i think you’re going to be able to buy at some good prices. i just told my wife the other day if you see some good buys at the counter, fill the deep freeze.”that’s because he thinks food prices are going up.glen bonarfarmer “i know my wife and i have talked about it and i’ve been telling her for over a year, you haven’t s



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