Food Prices May Increase

Food prices may increase
grocery bill could be going up this year. 22news reporter jackie bruno is live in northampton to reveal why the cost of food could be on the rise. according to the bloomberg business report, the cost for crops and livestock have gone up. and that’s why they say food prices could jump up to five percent this year. how much you pay for groceries could increase by five percent this year. according to the bloomberg business report. it’s news that will leave a bad taste in the mouths of many americans. sot @ 00:42 cg name david hulley northampton i’m sure it’s tough for a lot of people who are unemployed or have had their hours cut back. 00:49 experts say rising fuel prices are driving up the cost of crops and livestock. that means milk, fruit, veggies, and meat could all get more expensive. stand up cg name jackie bruno working for you one way to avoid paying those higher food prices is to b



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