Food Pantry Recalls

Food Pantry Recalls
butter products have been recalled. new tonight, the massive recall is forcing food banks to throw out thousands of pounds of food. >> gleaners says this peanut butter recall is the largest and longest they have had to deal with. they had to throw away 30,000 pounds of food worth $45,000. >> it’s dinner time at this near eastside afterschool program. but this one kids favorite food you won’t find on the menu. peanut butter. we had quite a about it of the products being recalled. >> the christian center also has a food pantry without the nutty staple. >> as soon as i heard about it i automatically pulled everything from the shelves. >> the pantry has seen a 50% in demand. gleaners foodbank also had to pull food products from their shelves. >> so you start and then you restart and then you start again to make sure the tainted crackers aren’t confused with the ones that are okay, the volunt



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