Food Pantry Open For Local Musicians

A local church opened a food pantry to help musicians and their families.
(elizabeth) every aid organization in town can tell you — the need today is greater than ever.(mark) but one man decided to do what he can to help some people who are an important part of kansas city’s heritage. john batten shows us how. 3 at covenant presbyterian church there are good ideas and good works.kirk perucca covenant presbyterian”sam’s our drummer an he’s had a vision for the elder statesmen of kansas city jazz inc to have a food pantry.”nats”box open”samuel johnsonjazz food pantry”we do this every other wednesday and we’re able to feed multitudes of senior musicians.”the food pantry started last christmas and now with the help of several partners, twice a month it helps about 50 kansas city musicians make ends meet. all because samuel johnson saw a need.samuel johnsonjazz food pantry”everybody’s hungry, everybody’s got kids evrybody’s got pain.”kirk peruccacovenant presbyter



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