Food Network’s Sunny Anderson

Summer Corn Salad
>>> welcome back. our next guest is a big time chef and star on the food network. you will recognize her, sony anderson. welcome. >> thankses for having me, bill. >> you are getting corny. >> i’m getting a little corny. yes, making my summer corn salad today. >> all right. we want to se what’s in it. today is the force day of july, people are watching and we are ready for the fourth. enlighten us what you are doing. it has ben a busy — june was a busy month on the food network. lots of big new show. >> a lot of new shows. the next network star has begun, i have a new cooking show coming on. we have all the people eliminated come on and hang out with us. a lot of new thingses in the month of june and we are ready to kick off july at food network. >> let’s see what’s in the summer corn salad. it looks like you are shucking the ears of corn as we speak. >> doing a litle shucking getting my



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