Food Network Chef Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is the chef-owner of three Mesa Grill restaurants, two Bar Americains, Bobby Flay Steak, and five Bobby’s Burger Palaces. A New York Times best selling author, he is also a contributing editor for Parade magazine. His Web site is www.bobbyflay.com. Since debuting on Food Network in 1994, Bobby Flay has continuously hosted programs that bring cooking tips and information on American regional fare to a national audience. In addition to Throwdown! which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, he stars on the hit Food Network series Grill It!, Iron Chef America and The Next Food Network Star. His new show Brunch @ Bobby’s premiered on Saturday, October 16 on the Cooking Channel.nnBobby Flay Website
>>> and welcome tore “the morning blend.” who can cook a better bratwurst? diehard packers tailgater or professional chef on the food network could cook up a better brat. on the food network showdown with bobby flay, cooks all over making the region’s most iconic meals. buffalo wings in buffalo, new york and clam clouder in new england and a dish from wisconsin we will talk about in a keck. and for the first time you can talk about the recipes all in one book. bobby flay joins us live on “the morning blend.” hey, bobby. >> how are you guys? >>> doing fantastic. >> i want to get my one question i have always wanted to ask you out of the way. >> is your mom a good cook? >> is my mom listening ? >> no. my mom is not a good. she is okay. she is okay. my mom’s cooking inspired me to become a chef. i needed to learn how to cook. but, no. the answer is my mom was an okay cook. >> i always wonde



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