Food Labels Fooling You?

Food labels fooling you?
colorful boxes and bold labels– all designed to get the this marketed alot of your healthier foods wil be on the top shelf .. in the midle is where the kids are going to go.” with so many to chose- the healthiest- from the rest. timmons says: “when you look at cereals i want you to find something has has at least five grams of fiber in it and something that has like um.ten grams of sugar.” this one’s easy… just check the nutrition facts…for fiber and sugar.. mos says: “sugar level…ten.” other things to lok for extras…that catch our eye. giovinco says: “you see this.calcium and vitamin d so you’re tempted to say. gee this is good for my children..but is it? timons says: “lets take a lok … so when you lok for calcium . it’s ten percent and when you add the milk it’s 25 percent qualifies as a “good source”… but without the milk you’d ned to get ninety percent of your calcium —



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