Food Inc.

New Documentary
chicken sandwhich you don’t really think about where it comes from.a new documentary opening in austin today may change your mind. mind.only on kxan austin news kate weidaw gives us a new perspective into what you’re eating. ((the way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 10,000…you might not want to eat it.))food inc. sets out it.))not want to eat it.))food inc. sets out to look at where your meat, chicken, and produce come from. the one problem for director robert kenner, no one wanted to talk to him about it. ((i was surprised at how much we are being denied the information to know what is in our food that was my biggest shock.))what he does find is that a small number of big corporations control all of the food production.and it is a production- production- ((nats .))some chicken farmers give the cameras a view of how antibiotics and hormones produce bigger



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