Food Finds – 9/25/17

Food Finds – 9/25/17
[?] [laughter] >> welcome to chicago! >> only a couple of hours left and people are still registering. we’re on par to be in the 60,000 plus category. like the last couple of years. >> joy: this is an automatic sushi maker. >> yes, you put whatever you want on the middle. and press button. it rolls for you. and you can become a sushi chef. >> we’re showcasing here with the ovens, a robotic arm that is loading and unloading the ovens for us. >> we’re featuring this here at the booth. it’s neat because it’s made from chardonnay sparkling wine and before bottling we add the essence of blueberry >> i ran into my friend todd francisco, who makes sucker punch pickles, this is the dude! >> this is cheese bread. >> joy: it’s cheese bread. >> yes, from brazil. it’s gluten-free made from kasava flour. >> this is so food! what is happening? >> hello! >> hello. >> joy: “”50 shades of gray”” gela gel



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