Food Costs Take Bite Out Of Budgets

(WWLP) You might remember food prices spiked last summer as a result of high gas prices driving up transportation costs. Now something else is to blame.
food prices haven’t changed all that much since gas prices skyrocketed last year….even though gas prices are significantly lower these days. i think they’re stillhi high. the only w tay i shop now dear is i go to all the sales. while you s.can find deals on some products like dairy…other prices are still high. gh 3-dollars for a loaf of bread i f think it’s too much. and at least one food maker’s reapingod the benefits. general b mills reported profits nearly doubled in the 4th quarter. 4tthe company says earninomgs surged to nearly 359-milltoion compared with 185 million a year ago. when it comes to produce, the store manager at chicopee’s fruit fair told 22news prices are about the same as last summer. and don’t expect them to ctm drop just yet. . because of weather and mother nature, the farmers are a few wweeks behind and it reflects the prices we’re paying. rick tremblay believe



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