Food-borne Illness Begins At Grocery

Taking Action For Your Health: Know which items to avoid when shopping at the supermarket. Linda Hurtado highlights a report that explains how to minimize the chance of getting some sort of food related sickness.
Every year, an estimated 5,000 people in the U.S. die from food-born illnesses, and at least 76 million people get really sick. Taking Action For Your Health reporter Linda Hurtado shows us how handling food – beginning at the grocery store – can make a big difference.nnToday, Riley Gustafson is a healthy 12-year-old, but three years ago she almost died after eating a spinach salad contaminated with e. coli. “It was very serious. Most of the time, I was on the machines, and I was unconscious,” says Riley.nnIn Riley’s case, washing the spinach would probably not have been enough to keep her safe, but cooking spinach can kill bacteria.nnMandy Walker of Consumer Reports’ Shop Smart says that there are many things that you can do to help protect yourself, starting with smarter food shopping. “Many people know the importance of a safe food handling at home, especially with meat or poultry.



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