Food Bootcamp

Got an idea, but not sure where to start? The first Food Bootcamp is hoping to expand rural North Dakota one small business at a time. The workshop gives those wanting to get started in the food industry a look at what running your own business can really be like. Trademarks, legal issues, health regulations, marketing, and business plans are all on the agenda. (D.C. Coston / NDSU V-P for Ag & University)”With the raw products that we have in north dakota, let’s find a way to find value here and bring income to North Dakota, rather than sending them somewhere else and letting other people add the value and get the income. It’s better to have it done here.” One well established Dickinson business is offering some helpful tips. Baker Boy markets more than 350 products across the region. The complete line of bakery products includes various breads and doughs, both frozen and baked. But doing business in North Dakota can be both challenging and rewarding. (Mike Crawford / Baker Boy Plant Manager) “Some of the challenges that we have is available labor. That expands beyond manufacturing, that expands beyond Dickinson. We have very low unemployment rates. On the plus side, we have a higher level of work ethics that I see in employees, especially when I compare that to other regions in the United States that I have managed facilities.” Crawford says doing all the processing and packing yourself isn’t always the best option. He says partnering with someone who already has access to resources you don’t can really help cut costs.



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