Food Bank Started With Donation To Church

7 Everyday Hero Lucile Dahlberg has volunteers her entire life.
morning’s staying healthy. having children close together could increase the odds of autism. a new study out this morning showed that with siblings born less than two years apart. the youngest was more likely to develop autism. the link isn’t clear. but doctors at columbia university say parents may notice developmental difference when their children are close in age. another theory is the nutrients in the mother’s body may also play a role. >>ana: in the best of towns, you can always find things that provide a true sense of community. in >>mitch: fort lupton it’s a place where people always feel welcome. it 7everyday hero.”i’m just glad there are places like this.” >>mitch: the mere mention of the fort lupton food bank makes people smile. this is not a place that focuses on hard times. it celebrates people helping one another. >> and i like coming here.” >>mitch: it serves people in nee



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