Food Bank For The Heartland

Want to watch a celebrity chef do his thing, all while helping a good cause? Then head to the Embassy Suites tomorrow night for the 10th Annual Celebrity Chef Event, the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Food Bank for the Heartland. Special Guest for the event is Chef George Duran, as seen on the Food Network and TLC!
>>> food bank for the heartland is gearing up for the largest fundraiser of the year. >>> guests enjoy a live demonstration by this guy celebrity chef george duran. and brian is here from the food bank. great to se you. >> it talk about the need and the feed in the food bank coming in. >> as far as january is concerned we distributed approximately 60% more food compared to january of last year. as far as total year of 2010 it was up 35% for the need. >> we see new people reaching out for help that never had to reach out for help before causing a great amount of — increase in the food. we are also doing a lot of outreach in areas of the service area we have never done before. this week going to gehring and dropping fod in shad ron. and next month we will be doing what’s called a mobile pantry. one day food distribution in murray n. cass county. cass county is underserved county we have a



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