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Md Food Bank Donation Segment
to baltimore restaurant week.com. >>> no doubt about it, we need the maryland food nk in our community. they feed so many families in the state. and this time of year dorks nations tend to be pretty low — year, donations tend to be pretty low. the vice president for chin shop rite markets and they join us this morning thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> we want to get to you because people wonder what does shop rite has to do with the maryland food bank but welcome to the show. why is it so low this time why are donation low? >> well, we have a lot of activity in november and december when people are anxious to help the needy. and come january they think we are tly — fully stocked and don’t need it but we do. people are hungry year-round and the need doesn’t go away in january. it’s particularly important all year long. >> that’s where you come in. you are celebrating 40



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