Food And Wine Fest

Food and wine fest
and food festival is back for its 24-th year. year.((the festival is just about drinking some amazing wines, eating some great foods, and really being able to experience magnificent chefs.)) this year the big stars across texas event will be held at the long center on friday.((it is scheduled to be outside but we have an amazing rain plan which you know what that means, if you have a rain plan its not going to rain.)) either way there will be a lot of wine. more than 100 wineries are taking part. and you can meet some of the wine makers. makers.((with wine i think its important to personalize the affair and make people understand you have a real person making this product with a lot of heart and soul into it.))((ask them what they were thinking about when they were making the wines.))it’s a chance to try wines from around the world and some from here in texas.((some of the smaller produc



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