Fondue Wines

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now, a lot of you might think of fondue as just cheese fondue. today we’re doing a tenderloin in fondue sauces. i’m going to talk about the wines first, and then we’ll talk about all of the great ideas that we have for dipping different foods in different sauces and calling it fondue. starting with the chardonnay, very clean, very affordable. this is a $6 bottle of wine. very nice, very clean, kind of like a crowd pleaser chardonnay. and this one is really a wine built for seafood, so if you’re doing, also with cheeses, but primarily for seafood. so if you’re making a fondue where you’re dipping seafood into different cheeses, it’s a perfect wine for that. if you’re looking for a little sweeter wine, it’s okay to do that with fondue. there’s a lot of flavors in there. sometimes it’s salty, and the fondue, there are certain wines that go relay wel with salt. be lovely is a red wine that h



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