Flowers On A Budget

house of flowers on a budget
can always be a little tricky, so i wanted to share one really great idea. whether it’s a wedding reception or you want to create an interesting table escape for your home, rain out to or local thrift shop here in oshkosh, and really some neat finds out there. i went with this vintage while milk glass bud vase colection. they had tons of them. all different prices, anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar. and i tried to grab varied sizes and ll different designs, really, but this made kind of a interesting table scape, you just kind of do it on the table or a window ledge or something like that. and realy, january through may we carry here at house of flowers these cash-and-carry tulip bunches. it’s ten stems, they’re 9.95, so it’s a really good value. i thought we would take that collection of bud vases and drop like an individual toupee i wil into — tulip into each one. and the tulips, of



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