Flip Flop Veal

The Inn at Villa Bianca prepares a veal dish.
>> inn at villa billanca in seymou r provides thei perfect backdrop to any of life’s special occasions. it is completely remodeled with new extier exteriors, marble dance floors and joining us is chefhe tony, making a dis h he says is light and full and delicious with summer flavors. it is all healthy. l >> very healthy. >> welcome back, tony. >> i’m glad to be here, nice to see you again too. >> you went through a lot of renovations. no i was there three or four years ago and i was blown away by they fact you do it al there and i understand you’ve doneta really cool renovations. tell us what is going on there. >> we remodel everything from inside and out, all different lights from weddings and proms. >> so now you’ve got speci al lighting, whatever the event is, you can tweak the lighting fgor just the right event.v >> exactly.a we are the only one i know in connecticut that does that.



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