Flemings Potatoes

We’re cooking Flemings Potatoes in the kitchen with Chef Mike Civali from Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
start tweeting. let’s head over to the kitchen right now.w. pat, do you and chef mike tweet? ?>> i do not tweet. are you on twitter? >> no. absolutely not. >> to me, my buddy is like play fantas y football. i either don’t have the time t or too lazy to try to figure ite out. >> it’s more fun to watch it. >> you’re aa popular guy. you may want to have tve the masses following you and your masses at fleming’s, so you should start ho st tweeting. .>> i have to think about that t one. i’m probably going to have to deny. >> wellel tell you about fleming’s right now on “the rhode show.” we’re’r talking about side a dishes. you usually bring in pounds and pounds of meat. >> we talked about this, we’ve done so many different entrees and so many different things and i had the great pleasure ofle having elizabeth and a few other people in forn dinner and commented how muchen she loved theov potato



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