Flavors Of The South In North Scottsdale

Fried pickles & crawfish-you can’t get more Southern
so now they are teasing me, taunting me. this place has fried pickles to shrimp and grits. this has something flavorful for everybody to try. so come along as photojournalist david mills takes us there and oh, yeah, they even have crispy cream bread pudding. >> beauregard is two things. it’s a brand name that’s been arnd my family since 1898. this restaurant is called “it’s a southern thing.” so everything we do here is sohern food. it’s a food that i love and my family loves at a price point that is affordable and something that everybody else likes. the fried picks are something high on my list. it’s fun watching people bite into them for the first time. the gumbo on wednesdays is incredible. people come from all over the valley for that. my personal favorite is shrimp and crawfish cheesecake. once you get over the shock and awe of saying shrimp and crawfish cheesecake it is a mouth tr



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