Flavorful Cocktails

Flavor infused cocktails are all the rage at the chic restaurants. We found out how you can make them at home and it’s a lot easier that you might think.
scandinavian tradition, now made trendy at top bars and lounges around the country. creative cocktails may add a especially flavored vodka. >> great fruit and lemon gras, orange lemon. we have a blueberry one as well as coconut and espresso. >> a swanky bar in manhattan’s mid town specializes in the flavor infused vodkas and is mixing and matching unique concoctions to use in their drinks. >> we can think, hey, we want to make this cocktail but there is no liquor that’s that flavor. and we’re like, we can make that flavor. >> and now, you can, to. the back manager here says making your own flavored vodkas at home is simpler than you might think. >> cucumbers i tell people to try, orange and lemon, which is really fun because vodkas are very popular, ut if you make it yourself, it’s more fun. >> ready to give it a try in well, john says a great fruit infused vodka is a great one to start



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