Flat Bread Pizza

chef leo from lambeau field shares recipe
>> hey, it’s chef le. i have another great apetizer, flat bread tomato basil pizza we do. it’s simple, four or five ingredients, takes a couple minutes to make and it’s a growd pleaser, great for any party, great apetizer. first of all i have my flat bread here. you could do any frozen pizza crust, it would work, cut in it whatever shape you want. brush it with a little extra virgin olive oil. throw it in the oven. gets nice and crisp. as you can se here, you’re looking for crisp, not color, because we’re going to cook it more, but just a little crisp. great, versatile pizza crust. so we’re going to start of, we’ve got a little shredded moatz cheese here,-mozarella cheese to top our crust with our mozarella cheese. this is a great interactive dish too, have friends come over, make their own, put a bunch of different toppings out. it’s a great, great item, very popular here at curly’s pub



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