Five Ways To Cut Costs With Coupons

Find out how to better use coupons and cut your grocery bill in half
abc2news.com. brian, abc2 news. >> and yes, abc2 is continuing to work for you. now last night at 5:00, we give you the top five grocery buys, but how you can make sure you’re getting the best price. abc2 news brings you five ways to cut costs at checkout. >> imagine cutting your weekly grocery bill in half just by taking a couple of minutes with a pair of scissors. denise calls herself the coupon lady and runs a website offering ways she says can save you up to 50% on groceries. it all begins with picking up the paper and there’s even a coupon for that. >> you get the friday, saturday, and sunday paper for 99 cents for 16 weeks. so they are giving you a sale on buying the paper to get the coupons. >>> second, sign up for discount cards at the stores you shop the most. >> club cards, reward cards. if the store offers them, they are a must have. they enable you to get the sales that are g



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