Five-ingredient Dinner

Five-ingredient dinner
>>> well, everybody loves a home cooked meal, but realistically who’s got the time to do that every single night? rhiannon is in the kitchen, though, with the food network’s robin miller with a great meal that’s so fast and so easy. >> thanks, audra. you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making a great meal for your family. robin’s here today to show us a great recipe that just has a few simple ingredients that many of you probably already have at home. >> i love to create meals with kitchen staples, pantry staples so you can throw together dinner with five ingredients or less. “robin rescues dinner” has 350 recipes. it takes you 5 two weeks of meals, monday through friday, 5 two weeks of the year, a lot of ingredients five weks or les. you get leftovers for meals during the week. i’m going to show you my bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, five ingredients or less. i’ve got a pork ten



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