Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Jim O’Malley from Five Guys Burgers & Fries shows how to make the perfect french fries.
you may have heard the first lady, michelle obama was recently overheard singing the praises of five guys burgers and fries. >> who can blame her? every time our next guest is here, the line for burgers is out the studio and down the hall way. jim is back. >> great to be here. >> we gave him a bit of a hard time last time. you brought the burgers, didn’t bring the fries. i know we have to give due attention to the burgers. it is al about the fries today. >> michelle obama is all about you guys. >> they asked the mrs. president what do you do when you are not being the first lady. i took some of my friends to my favorite burger joint five guys, and it was good. >> you can’t pay for that kind of advertisement. >> one of the reasons she said that, is our french fries. we have great burgers and hot dogs, but our french fries are famous. >> take us through the life of a young spud. where do t



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