Five Guys Burgers And Fries

Hot dogs also available at Five Guys.
onhe “conecticut style”, jim o’malmley of five guys is back. we’re not doing burgers today. >> he is grinning, cheese from ear to ear. >> we’re making hot dogs. . >> we do, we sell a lot of hot dogs. a lot of people come in forn our burger and fries and then ftind out we have hot dogs. >> what is special about pethe hot dogs. >> they are t 100% beef, we split them down the midthle and grill them. when you split them downpl the middle, you want that hot dog to get a crispyr coatingc on the outside. it is beautiful. >> it has to be a good feling to see the president going in there and loving your burgers and tries and i’m sure your hot dogs, as well. >> it is phenomenal and we’re very happy with that whole thing. people call up and ask what is the presidential burger. lettuce, tomato, mustard and jalaƱos. i can tell yteou right 06 the bat. >> and it is al about toasted buns on “connecticu



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