Five Dollar Dinners

Five dollar dinners
<cc>12:45 this is beef roast i got on sale for 2.49 a pound.. this was 2 1/2 pounds, which is too much for my family, so i cooked it in the crock pot and i’ll use the rest in a beef stroganoff later in the week. :56</cc> also on tonight’s menu… fresh squash, green beans and rice. <cc>15:20 you want some green beans buddy? yes.. you want to eat one right now? :23</cc> not only is this a good.. healthy dinner.. it cost just 3.59. <cc>26:20 here’s the meal we had this evening. beef roast with garden vegetables. :25</cc> what started out ten months ago as erin simply looking for ways to cut down her grocery bill has turned into a 20 hour a week job… and one of the five most popular blogs in the country in its category. <cc>34:10 i’m just a mom cooking meals and sharing them on line. so it’s been really exciting and i’m really fortunate to be able to share it with so



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