Fitness Magazine Looks Into Grocery Shopping Habits

Fitness Magazine writer Sarah Wells talks with WCPO about the healthy foods you can indulge in
>>> if you are like most americans, you spend a whopping 50 hours a year grocery shopping. but probably very little of that is spent looking at the labels and seeing what’s in your food. fitness magazine has done a lot of that work for you. their nutrition editor is joining us live on 9news at noon. sarah, what’s unique about all this is that 100 companies submitted their healthiest products to you to scrutinize them. tell us more about this particular issue. >> that’s right. we probably started with 500 products total and had a panel of nutritionists look at each and every one. they looked at the ingredients and only those that got their seal of approval went into our taste test where staffers tasted everything. >> what’s unique as well is you cover foods from the frid to the freezer from the pantry. all types of food. >> a little bit of everything. >> tell us who some of the big winner



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