Fishing On The Bay For Bass With Chef Jon

Fishing on the bay for Bass with Chef Jon
like w e do in the “the rhode hoshow” kitchen, we ,want to findwa out where the freshe seafood comes from. we department have to go far to find it.fi we went out with chef jon and here’s a look at how we catch some of the fish that’s cooked in the kitchen. while the sunrises over a tranquill mount hope bay, the action underneath is anything about. tupas striped bass season in rhode island and for local fishermen, it doesn’t get much better than this. >> the season we’re in is big time native striped bass. beautiful, b eautiful fish. like i said, the 12 to 15-pound range fish are really the oneshe that we want to take home. those are the best for grilling g and best foresaw atd f aing or roasting in the oven. the passion of bringing it to the plate, that’s really what it is, the catching the fish and nd being out here early morning and understanding the wtaater and understand our bay, and



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