Fish & Chips

Kitchen Takeover with Daniel
>>> welcome back to “twin cities live.” our kitchen takeover chef, daniel green, makes fresh, flavorful, and low-fat meals for our viewers. he goes into their kitchens every week. >> that he does. today he went back to his roots to make a healthy version of fish and chips to help a mom of five cook for an empty nest. >> tell us about you. kids? >> five children, aging from 40 to 28. >> so on a day-to-day basis, you are really cooking home meals. >> yes. every day. >> that’s what my mum did. let’s try to do something very much home cooking then, because we don’t do that to often. >> it was wonderful for him to see that and to remember his mom and remember what he got out of growing up with his family, so that was really a plus for me. >> i think we’ll do the asparagus. dover sole. i don’t see that too often here. >> i love sole. >> we had a huge amount of that. grew up with that. do you h



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