Fish And Chips

In the Kitchen Fish and Chips
the battered and deep fried. >> it’s healthy. >> the french fries aren’t deep fridays, they’re made out of yukon gold potatoes. >> they’re american fries. >> freedom fries if you will. >> and then the sauteed brussel sprout leaves, which we’ll blendin a lite bit ofloli oil. i’mailittlleery on nhat.>> il ma u a liever.st season them very cely on bo sidesf the tis with a little bit of salt and pepper. >> i love this. i learned this. >> what we’re going to do over here is we’re going to add just a little bit of the brussel sprout leaves in the hot pan, you can hear the sizzle. once they start to pop, i’m going to give you the water, just a touch of water, just to help them st eam a little bit. >> so i’m just going to keep my eye on these. >> you got it. >> put that back over there. >> all right, vince. >> and this is you say halibut. >> just for the halibut. >> just for the halibut, a nice



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