First Whopper Bar Launches

Burger King launches its first Whopper Bar in Asia. (Asia Confidential)
these. they call at a bar, but there is no beer. you stay sober year. oh well. is this burger king’s answered to the very successful mccafe? we are joined by a the burger king president asia-pacific. >> it is going to be smack in the midst of [unintelligible] i am sure you have been there. it is going to be exciting. you should make your way up here. >> i will absolutely do it. i will be there in a couple of weeks. the concept is what, in a nutshell? express and sandwiches, burgers in a jiffy without all of the real estate. it is a cost-effective way to give people their preferred meal. >> know, was the whopper bar is — no, what the whopper bar is is raising the bar for getting it the way you want. you can mix and match, add ingredients, takeoff and ingredients, we have more than 24 toppings and sausage, and there is more than 1 million ways that you can have your whopper. so is a nice



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