First Christmas Homeless

A father and son in Lancaster County are spending their first homeless Christmas together.
in need. and that’s where we find cbs 21’s chris papst. he’s with the live mobile newsroom in lancaster county. and chris, what goodwill is happening where you are? cp: i’m here at the wsrm where they are just wrapping up their christmas dinner. hunderds of ppl came her to spend the holiday and enjoy some great donated food. amongst the crowd, was a father and son. even though they’re spending their first christmas homeless – they’re finding joy about being together and while being given hope. jermaine 1: “sit. sit. sit. relax. settle down.’ when you see them together is obvious. jermaine smith loves his son. and his son loves him. so, when jermaine got sole custody a short while back he was thrilled. but, at the time he was living in a small apartment and there wasn’t much room. when jermaine lost his job, he home. he seek helo be a better father for my son.”e miss lancaster. this neesf



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