The 2010 TUCSON FIREFIGHTER’S CHILI COOK-OFF will be held on Friday, November 5, 2010 at El Presidio Park. More than 1000 gallons of chili will be cooked for this event. There are 34 booths in friendly competition each bringing at least 30 gallons of chili to the event.nnThere will be a wide variety of chili from spicy hot to veggie. The chili is $1.00 a cup and all proceeds will benefit the Tucson Firefighters Adopt-A-Family Program. This program assists needy families and children with food, clothing, basic necessities and toys throughout the holiday season.nn nnIf you don’t like chili, no problem, there will be roasted corn, hot dogs, and plenty of other things to eat.nn nnLast year more than $52,000 was raised for needy Tucson families at this event. It would be great to raise even more at this year’s cook-off.
>>> the annual firefighter chili cook off kicks off at el press saidia park and it gets huge turnout. i decided to head down to fire station number one to see what goes into making it a big success. >> the men and women at your firehouse work hard and they work hard. >> it’s a lot of work. >> it’s a lot of work. >> it’s a lot of work. >> especially when it comes to knocking out the best chili for the annual firefighter chili cookoff. >> it’s a lot of work but we have a lot of fun doing it and it’s for a good cause so it’s an enjoyable thing, we have a real good turnout so overall it’s a rewarding thing to do. >> you’re more likely to find these firefighters saving lives than stirring soup. >> we sample recipes that guys have made in the past or come up with and then as a group we determine which one will be the best and then we concentrate on making at least 30 gallons of that. >> and ea



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