Fire Up Your Grill This Summer!

Fire Up Your Grill This Summer!
grilling tips when we return. >> meaghan: with summer grilling season just around the corner, time to think about those barbecues. jeff anderson is here to prove cooking something special on the grill doesn’t have to be a challenge. you can make chef-inspired meals using desserts with quality ingredients. chef jeff, let’s start out with some of your favorite tips for the grilling season. >> well, a couple things, begin with some recipes you’re familiar work and you can jump off from there. more importantly, though, you have to start with great tasting, high-quality, affordable products such as signature brands or open nature grass fed beef. you’ll find it exclusively at your favorite local united supermarkets. >> meaghan: what are some of your go-to recipes for a backyard barbecue. >> meaghan: the first thing i have a delicious coffee-crusted bugger. it features our signature select fren



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