Fire Grill Safety

grilling tips safetty
start of summer…. and the all- important grilling season. 22news reporter jackie bruno explains how you can grill safely. first of all, you never want to grill indoors. that can be a carbon monoxide and a fire risk. so make sure your grill is outside and away from your home, especially if you have vinyl siding. also, never leave your grill unattended. always keep an eye on it when it’s on. john phillips from the easthampton fire department told us a great tip to help you check your hoses. “make sure there isn’t any leaks use one part soap, one part water, mix it together, pray it on, turn the gas. make sure there isn’t any leaks.” if there was a leak, the soapy water solution would bubble up. also, if you smell gas you may have a leak in your hose. live in easthampton, jackie bruno, 22news. the jackpot grows, as you have another chance to strike it rich… the powerball’s grand prize c



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