Fire Crews Warn Against Frying Turkeys

A lot of people are going to try to deep fry their turkeys this holiday season, and many could get hurt doing it.
time for cooking — and safety experts say it’s a time to be extra careful when preparing the big meal. as news channel 3’s jason sloss reports — a little precaution goes a long way. if you plan on deep frying your bird on turkey day — a warning… as you can see.. it only takes a split second to create a dangerous situation. and local fire departments are ready to go. 21:12:59.. thanksgiving is one of our busiest days for cooking fires. these fryers are becoming more popular — but not any less hazardous. the crew at the cathedral city fire department just finished frying their own turkey — before giving us some life-saving reminders. 21:17:52.. you need to follow recommendations for amount of oil you put in there.. regulate the temperature.. because if you let the grease get too hot, the vapors could ignite and end up with a fire. you may not be frying… but there’s plenty of preca



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