Finishing Our Creme Anglaise

We used the egg whites for the meringue. Now we use the egg yolks and add strawberries! Mary Rappaport with the National Egg Council
>> welcome back into the “good day, virginia”. and meringue shells? >> meraping shells and now the creme englaze and it is like ice cream and that’s what it is. >> to start off two cups of milk we put in the microwave and it is nice and hot. into this and i’ll see heat coming up with that pinch of assault and mix that up. these are egg yolks and i used egg whites for the meringue and i have 4 egg yolks over the boiler and this is very, very carefully >> and the pop up back at you? >> if you put all the hot milk at once it will curdle the yolk. put it all in very ?? it’s called tempering. >> and going to meringue? >> you can see what i have here. have a bit of water in there and the water is what is heating and stirring and about 10 minutes and the trick is to do it very, very slowly and other it will curdle and cook. you don’t want it to cook like scrambled eggs. and then you finish and



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