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How to make your own homemade vinaigrette.
>> if y ou have ever tried to make your own vinaigrette you know it is not t as easy it as looks. getting the r ight re atio ofi garlic and spices is not as easy it asit looks. so we have the experts, please welcome fine cooking magazfiinein lori buckle. thank you for being here. >> thank you for t having me. >> and congratulations, celebrat ing 15 yleears.in it is a great magazine, great recipes and g reat photos and published in connecticut, right? >> newtown, conecticut. >> what iswh tthe see growth vinaigrette. >> i think a lot of people assume that a salad dressing is best purchas at the or is in at the store with a bottle.o i’m here to tel you otherwise.h if you are a begouinning cook, fine cooking has recipes for f expert cooks who want the next challenge but we also have great places to learn how to cok. and this is a kind recipe that will change the way your food tastes. >> you



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