Find Really Good Wine For Under $20!

Holidays often mean spending money on wine, but don’t go broke buying it
time. dr. vicky tran, nice to have her here. >>> it’s time for some money talk now and some of what i like to call me time. if you’re going to indulge in some wine, you want it to taste like it’s expensive but not break the bank. this is why we have christy trimmer here to tell us a little bit about the wine that you like to indulge in. >> i’ll tell you one of my absolute favorites, i go to the store and i always see if it’s on sale, vogel. it’s just a really good traditional wine. this is a chardonnay. i like a little bit more buttery, a little crisper on it and i can find it for 8.99. >> where do you get it? >> this is from safeway, but i usually go to total wine and more. >> 8.99 for this one, kind of a buttery chardonnay. >> they have the counterpart in the cabernet. it’s going to be a solid wine and not break the bank. the sister one i always get is jay lore. so those are my go to w



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