Find Out What’s For Lunch From La Prensa

Find out what’s for lunch from La Prensa
>>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we like to bring you great stories from around the city and so does the esence a magazine. christopher olivares is with us as well from china garden. you guys have teamed up to do something very simple. a and has been looking for a partner, and china garden approached us. >> china has been around, and the two guys from here, bought the company and expanded as can see. >> you guys are all over san antonio. we were talking like up inside scoop real quick. you guys are doing something with the pigskin. >> yes, we took over the whole south presa which was frank, and we all put a new china garden and we are having a grand opening next friday. we’re going to celebrate it, the whole first friday theme, we will have some out there. and we partnered with them as well. they will hav an appearance. next week it’s qliq week. so look for that. >> you can part



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