desserts are always a favorite part of the meal! tonight in taste of the county, we have a guest chef show us how to make a delicious maple butter blondie bar. <kelly: alright! taste of the county again, we have a guest with us this week, we are going to be cooking with rebecca keenan who is a certified pastry chef here at cary medical center. what are we going to make? rebecca: yes, we are going to make some maple butter blondie bars. and so what i’ve done, i’ve lightly greased a 10 by 12 pan with crisco and we’re going to do this in the mixer because it’s much easier. to start out i melted 1 1/2 sticks of butter or 10 tablespoons. and i’m going to put that in the mixer. i’m going to add 2 cups of brown sugar. and we’re just going to mix this on medium speed. after a minute, i just like to keep scraping down the sides to make sure that you do get it all. kelly: ok. it all gets mixed?



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