Filet & Lobster W/ Forestiere Mushrooms

We’re in the kitchen cooking Filet & Lobster w/ Forestiere Mushrooms in the kitchen with Chef Mike Civali with Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
cybercy bull eying.yi for now i’ll s end it over to pat who is making fillet and lobster. >> that’s right. the manth that needs no introduction, but we’ll do it anyway, mike civali from fleming’s steakhouse i walk if, i see — i– walk in, i see lobster tails.ta >> we’re finishing the weak on a bang. we have all the things that a family should have imin the morning, we have fillet, lobster tails, bacon. ba what we’re essentially doing is a play on a surf andf turf that t we’re doing in thedo restaurant, au it’s our memorable mealsra promotion that wepr do a couple times a year and this is a thihe last one. when we dowh the lastas one, we do w it big. we’re going towe show you today how to make a great surf and turf and you know how far i am when i’m here, this is one of those ones thatha a couple great ingredie nts and real simple preparation and you can knock somebody’s socks off in two



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