Filet Benedict With Tomato Concasse

We’re cooking Filet Benedict with Tomato Concasse with Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
to digital etiquette e for wedding guest s. s.we’re going to head into the kitchen to see what we’ret cooking. patrick, what’s going on? >> we’re cookingok with mike from flemings and mike with a m great surprise this morning. he said are you read giovanni and kim tore b reakfast, because i s aw fillet mignon, but m n,it’s not the normal fillet. >> we’re doing a little fillet benedict. ne .everybody loves eggs benedict. we’re going to do our twist onwi it, fillet f mignon, homemade buttermilk biscuits and instead of the t normall runny holidays, we’re going to –to hollandaise, we’re going to do different sauce. >> and you said homemadeom biscuits?ts >>>> homemade biscuits. >> extra half-hour on the treadmill. >> kosher s alt, whiter pepper,pe white wine,, butter,te eggs. i’m always excited when you come in, mike, but i’m even more excite jodalene.ex >> it’s breakfast. ea think of the la



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