Fiery Foods Show This Weekend

The National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show is this weekend at Sandia Resort and Casino. Dave DeWitt of the show and Chris Wellington of Pace Foods preview the weekend’s events.
show is in albuquerque this weekend. with more than 200 vendors it’s the largest and most visited show in the world relating to spicy foods and barbecue. joing us now is dave dewitt to tell us a little bit about the show. good morning and thanks so much for joing us dave… what can people expect to see at the show? there’s hundreds of vendors and thousands of products this year ..how has it changed and grown over the years. you have so products with you..what are some of your favorites? fiery foods and bbq show friday- sunday sandia resort and casino admission adults $15 children up to age 18, $5 fiery- foods.com thanks so much for joiing us dave. don’t go away… mike hernandez will h look at your friday and small businesses depend on a flow of information. sending and receiving orders. e-mailing customers. paying bills. doing research. buying equipment. but an unreliable internet conn



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