Fiery Foods Show Sizzles Into Town

Hang onto your taste buds, the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show is back in town.
It’s the hotte st ticket in town… The national fiery foods & barbecue show will sizzle at sandia casino cathis weekend.ee news 13’s david romero is live at the casino with a taste of what to expect. Mike, fire up your utaste buds and have a cold dr inkve ready, the annualua show promises a hot time as always. The fiery foods y and barbecue show is not ju st about tasting.t some vendors widoll offer tip s ons preparg tasty dinners on a budget. Dg others will promote chile from new mexico and all over the world. So what’s new this year? Well it’s not yourll typical hot sauce. Chile makers are coming up with new innovative ways to entice your palette. More people are using fruits a s a base for a hot sauce because if cayou take something like a habanero, it?s sone darn hot you can’t oujust have that in there. If you want to ancome check it out,co tickets are fifteen dollars atat the d



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