FFT Food In Pantry

FFT Food In Pantry
as 22news registered dietitian nancy dell discovers… the majority of food-borne illnesses happen right in your own kitchen. sendtc a registered dietitian into your kitchen. you yowon’t believe the health hazards. nats: “this is over two months old.” o baylor’s ashley mullins tackled yogurt first. one week, she says, then toss. same thing with milk. (sot: ashley mullins, dietitian) “after 7 days of opening you need to discard it, no matter what date says.” this pasta dated november 2008 – also had to be trashed. (sot: ashley mullins, dietitian) “this would be high risk for salmonella or foodborne illness.” rule of s. thumb on leftover meat — 3 days tops. (sot: ashley mullins, dietitian) “this is a really high risk food .” this raw chicken- old, too. mullins sldays o. — once home — the date is irrelevant. (sot: ashley mullinhls, dietitian) “you cook it or you freeze it within 48 hours



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